Compass Pro

Easy Professional Websites

As a web designer for Compass, I use SquareSpace to design websites for various clients, while applying basic knowledge of HTML and CSS when needed to customize the site. I hold kickoff calls, go through rounds of review, and deliver a beautiful website made to their preferences. Some of the websites are not yet launched, but here are a few of my past clients.

Bad City: Mobile UX Facelift

Bad City is a brand new website and city guide in New Orleans that encourages interacting with the city in fun and exciting ways. While they are not fully launched, I am working closely with the team to design the experience in an understandable yet exciting way. 


Potluck: Landing Page

Potluck reached out to design a new landing page in only a few days. They wanted to bring people together from both sides of the political isle and foster communication and respect between them. While the timing did not allow the full design to be implemented in time for launch, the experience was an exercise in turning out simple and effective design on a short timeline.  


555 Arts Website Redesign

555 is an ongoing client, and the website redesign is the first of two website design projects. As the redesign is in progress, there is not a live version available. Below is a preview of the before and after transformation ahead for 555 Arts. 



In Progress: Logic Tree App

Working with the leaders of Story Venture Partners, I am working to build a web and mobile application from zero to complete. This network-management application involves complex data visualization design as well as mobile and desktop user experience design. We recently completed the MVP UX wireframes and have begun work on visual aesthetics. This project has involved field research, creating user stories, developing and iterating on wireframes, and prototyping with Marvel and POP. Below are some of the information architecture to date, and the full V1 application should launch in a few short months. 

In Progress: Compass Blog Design

Aside from my work as a Compass Pro, the Compass team reached out for help designing a series of thought leadership blogs they will release this year. The posts are loaded with information and therefore require user experience design thinking to achieve their educational goals. The series is not yet complete, but here's a taste of what's to come. 

user expereince blog design